So NoToriOus

Tori Spelling came in on Sunday nite and chilled on the patio with her new love toy husband.

It amazes me, the whole "celebrity reaction". Most of the girls I work with were talking about how exciting it was and were making excuses to walk outside

Dont get me wrong, I snuck a peek but mainly to see how plastic she looked in person. She's actually a very nice girl as is her husband but lets be honest: She was famous through her late father and for her valley girl sitcom in the 80's. I wasn't jumping up and down holding a napkin and ballpoint squealing for an autograph.

Mind you, if Tommy Lee or Johnny Depp walked in there's a good chance I'd lose my job because I would be dry humping the shit out of those boys.

I've just never understood the human fascination with celebrities. I read the tabloids because I find them to be amusing. "Ooooh that bitch took my man so I'm going to date this guy and Lindsay is sucking a different c*ck each day, look at Paris she's naked!" Its the same shit, different week. Trash TV and Mag's are like a stand up routine you can read/watch over and over again.

The only time I can recall becoming tongue tied and falling over my own face when meeting a celebrity was the time I ran into Johnny Knoxville at Universal Studios in Florida. I ran up to him, just kind of stared at him as if to say something and all I managed to get out was, "You're Johnny Knoxville..." he just looked at me, said "Yep" and walked away. I wanted to take a hot bath and scrub myself clean for being such a fucking loser. I blame that on the fact that I think he's ridiculously hot so like any girl I didn't know what to say

But Tori Spelling?



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