Put a cheese grater to my face....

I lost.

I lost my goddamn suit.

Why did I lose?

Well, it could be the sleazy lawyer that was in cahoots with the judge

"Mr. Anderson?"


"Hello counsel, how are you today?"

"Fine thank you sir, and yourself?"


"Great, now if you'll just drop your pants I'll proceed to suck your dick and call it ice cream"

"Ashley S present?"



Or it could have been the fact that I wasn't even able to have my side of the story heard since the lawyer kept interrupting me and the judge didn't even seem to pay attention to what I was saying since he was more concerned about the balif giving him a new pen

Or it could have been the fact that the judge was biased against me from the beginning because I was representing myself and he didn't even think I was over the age of 18.

I'm so fucking pissed off right now. I went in there, their lawyer met with me and asked me if I was willing to settle for a "reasonable amount" outside of the courtroom. I told him the only "reasonable amount" I saw fit for the suit would be $0. He didn't seem impressed.

I explained to him the reasons why I refused to pay the $550 in last months rent since

a) They fucked up from the beginning by renting me a unit that was unavailable

b) They were unjustified in increasing my rent to $129 more a month

c) They fucked up by telling my lawyer that the $129 increase was a mistake and I was told not to worry about it, then they changed their minds right before I was supposed to give my two months notice which gave me very little time to decide what the fuck I was doing

The fucking judge was such a cocksucker too - the entire time he was looking elsewhere, asking for new pens, paying very little attention to what I was saying and was condensending the entire time to me. I wanted to fucking stab him in the jugular with his new pen. He even went so far to tell me to seek Duty Counsel because it was free and I would probably need it like I was some kind of moron. I told him I already retained counsel.

The kicker?

The whole reason for this fiasco is because they said that I was 2 weeks late for my last notice.

Well fuck - the main reason for 2 months notice is so they can tell prospective clients for sure that the unit would be available to rent

They fucked up and told my counsel that they had 60 units available to rent and they didn't even have anyone look at my old place! If I in anyway hindered them being able to rent out my unit, if they were in such dire need for the apartment and needed to know exactly two months in advance that I was moving out I could see why my late notice would be a problem

But they didn't.

They had more than enough units.

They can barely fucking rent the things out

Regardless, I'm not paying shit. Instead I filed an application to have the case basically thrown out for the simple reason that I wasn't unreasonable being late with my notice considering they never really needed my unit in the first place, that there wasn't a crazy demand for apartments there.

I mailed my old landlords the application to appear in court August 2nd.

I'm fucking determined to win this one and I hope to God they finally realize that I am NOT going down without a fight.


Edit: The new apatment is great, my new landlords are chill and my super is this 80-something man that is the most handy little dude in the world, he kicks ass.


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