I might be drunk, but you're still ugly

I'm still technically on a haitus, but what the hell, its 330 am and I'm still awake so here's a little candy for my chillin's

Basically I'm on a hiatus for many reasons

I've got way too much personal shit happening right now that I can't even begin to explain. The main bartender quit where I work so I have been pulling extra shifts like a hooker on Vanier. I've been putting in 50 - 60 hour weeks which is fucking crazy when you work at a bar and are consistently on your feet. In fact, I could have sworn my feet were giving me the finger this morning when I woke up

On top of that I've been trying to mingle in the single scene and let me tell you this: All of the attractive, intelligent, good humored and kind men in Ottawa are either

1) Taken or..

2) Gay

It honestly makes me want to become a lesbian

Its seriously a fact of life, if you aren't willing to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel you're destined to be one of those bitter bar maids working in a cheap ass diner on a street corner with 50 cats

Hell, I've already started naming mine.

Most of the men I've encountered are either dumb as shit or are just looking for some bimbo that can smile, twirl her hair and say "Oh yah!" when they pinch her ass. I can honestly say I've never twisted my hair a day in my life and if you pinch my ass there's a good chance a slap may follow....and not of the good kind either

So as it stands right now I'm a little too preoccupied with life and all its fun little fuck ups to really update my blog. But I promise once I figure out what the fuck is going on and why the fuck I should give a damn I'll update more.

Thanks for sticking around,



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