Hypocrisy amongst the ranks

Surprise Surprise

The skinniest, most fucked up looking, trans gender tart on Canada's Top Model won the low fat, sugar free, 0 cal cake last nite.

The one that the judges said needed to eat a sandwich.

I guess that looks good on air right?

"We don't want to send a message to all the young impressionable girls that watch this show that the only way you'll get ahead in life and in this business is if you are rail thin and vomit up all of your wheat crackers"

She's super skinny and goes against everything we are trying to teach these young ladies but fuck it, lets vote her in anyways. She'll only have some lame ass modeling contract holding a Canadian Beaver for a Tim Horton's commerical anyways.

Its fucking sick that these people can be such goddamn hypocrites. Don't tell the bitch to eat a sandwich then reward her for not eating. Pavlov would roll over in his fucking grave if he saw how poorly his operant conditioning was being used.

Whatever, anyways GO DILANA! On Rock Star Supernova. I'm fucking addicted to that show!


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