New haircut, old tits

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Shortstack Mountain

I'm supposed to be staying in and getting schoolwork done but Im a bad girl with little sense of responsibility so I went to the movies with the girls instead. Went to go see Brokeback Mountain to see what the hype was all about.

Completely and utterly boring.

I hated it.

I absolutely hated Brokeback Mountain.

I think the only reason why people thought it was such a great movie was because they were brainwashed by all those guys who get paid millions to throw a thumb into the air while gorging themselves on Ben and Jerry's. Sure it had gay cowboys and a basic throw-back rape scene but the porn industry has been doing that for years, nothing new here.

Oh well I guess they were in love though. The mountain brought them together and they cuddled a few times. Like what the fuck? I didn't feel as though they were in love, I felt like they were getting paid a shit load of money to hug each other topless.

The acting was TERRIBLE.

Heath Ledger didn't sound like he was a cowboy, he sounded like he was missing a fucking chromosome. The more he spoke the more it sounded like he'd been hit in the mouth with a frying pan. Everyword came out garbled, it was almost as bad as Jessica's fake accent in "Dukes of Hazzard" only her chest was less hairy.

The fucking thing dragged on for about 40 mins. longer than it needed to be. Heath's daughter takes up a good 20 mins of the end of the film to tell him that's she's getting married and then he goes staring off into his closet where he's hung up his and Jake's bloddy shirts. What the fuck was the point of that? So the daughter is geting married? Her whole 10 mins of movie time made her a minor character, unless she was a lesbian there was really no need for her to take up so much time at the end. Pointless.

I loved how Jake and Heath's children were going off into their 20's looking all grown up while the two dad's didn't have a gray hair in their head. Out of all the movie magic in the world to age people on the screen the director actually thought his audience would be stupid enough to think that Jake was aging by throwing on a fake mustache. Like it magically added 20 years to his looks.

And of course Heath rambled on like he had a mouth full of marshmellows so I could't even make out what the fuck he was saying.

Overall, I was disappointed with the entire thing. I don't understand how this is such an acclaimed movie, I was bored - annoyed and un amused. I did however enjoy it when they kissed, that was hot for sure.

If you haven't seen it, don't waste your money.


Oh my fucking GOD

I just went to open all of my research that I saved to disk (all 12 pages of it) so I could do my literature review for this massive assignment AND ITS NOT THERE IT DIDN'T FUCKING SAVE!

I have a week to re do all of my research that took me a month to do
I also have a week to write up my review

I want to smash my fucking head against a wall.

This week is going to be a complete fucking disaster I can tell

On top of that I have a horrible nose and throat infection apparently that I'm killing off with anti biotics.

I want to fucking SCREAM!!!!


Holy Macaroni!

Ok Kids, I'll be gone until Sunday afternoon. I'm going to St. Suavuer Que., with some friends of mine basically to drink our faces off and ooggle hot snowboarders. I felt like complete shit last night at work since I can't seem to get rid of this horrible cold and I wasn't going to go today but then I thought to myself,

"Ashley - this entire trip is going to cost you maybe $100 and you haven't had a Saturday or Sunday night off in god knows how long. You'd be a fucking idiot NOT to go"

Or maybe that was my friend Genevieve that said that....

Either way, I'm leaving at 8 am today and I will be back approximately 3 pm tomorrow afternoon. I did remember to pack the digital camera so I shall be sure to document my little adventure.

Provided I don't get too inebriated and forget about the camera entirely which I have been known to do.

See you on the flip side.


I said I'd do it and I did it **EDIT w/ PICS***

I officially have dark chesnut brown hair.

I don't know if I like it or not yet.

But the $300 I paid for it I better fucking learn to like it.

I'll post pictures later after class.

Oh jesus....

**Ok, these are rushed because I wanted to get some up as soon as possible, not the greatest but whatever**
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No Montreal for me this weekend.... :(


Because my friends are all [insert generic insult here]

Fuck. Just what I wanted. An entire weekend off to spend in the fucking wonderful world of Ottawa. I'll just go hang myself now and save myself the trouble of doing so on Saturday.


It only hurts when your eyes are open...

All right, enough of the slacking let's give the people what they came here for.

Good, wholesome Ashley fun.

And by good I mean evil

And by wholesome I mean naughty

And by Ashley I mean dirty, dirty little girl

And by fun I mean strippers and champagne

Nothing happened this weekend really, I had an uneventful work schedule, even St. Patty's day was a sad let down. I didn't have to remove anyone from the bar by force and people knew when they were being fucking retarded so they cut themselves off. Mind you, I was ridiculously busy but I ended up making $600 in tips that night which will go towards my Montreal Cash Fund.

Oh yes, I shall be in Montreal this weekend.

Oh yes, there will be partying, hotel trashing, stripping, shopping and alcohol therapy.

I can't fucking wait, if anyone lives in the Montreal area and wants to party with myself and my girlfriends apply within, it should be good times.

Anyways, Thursday night was quite the night for me as far as I can remember. As we recall Wed. was the worst day of my life before it even hit noon so I decided Thursday I'd drown my sorrows with some martinis and gossip.

Well, I didn't get the martinis, but I did get the gossip.

None of which is any of your buisness.

A friend and I ended up at Milestones for a couple of martinis that turned into a couple bottles of champagne as my friend continued to hit on our bartender. I don't know how either one of us got the idea that hey, you know what would go well with champagne? Naked girls.

We ended up at Barefax which is a local strip club that certainly isn't known for it's bevy of gorgeous females, average at best. But Thursday night we were quite surprised. Then again, we were both so completely shit faced I bet Martha Stewart would look hot to us if she took off her clothes.

The drinking continued, I can't recall how many bottles of bubbly we had there but I was offered a substantial amount of cash for a lap dance or two (which I declined), a job as a shooter girl (which I also declined) and a free lap dance (which I won't tell you whether or not I declined) I remember waking up somewhere around 3 pm the next day with a killer hangover.

So so so so so screwed...

I have shaken this town back and forth, up and down and I STILL do not have a doctor's note for missing my exam yet.

I'm 100% fucked now and I have no idea what the hell to do.

I can't even make an appointment with my regular doctor to get one from him until Thursday because his office is crazy busy. I'm supposed to have the note by this Tuesday and so far I've got nothing, so I have no idea what the hell I am supposed to do.

Worst case scenario: The prof doesn't let me write the exam, I fail the course and have to re take it in the summer.

Which would suck huge considering I got a 98% on the first exam, I'm so fucking pissed with the system. Give me drugs because I'm sick but don't give me a doctor's note because I'm not sick. Thats the most fucked up thing ever. I've even stooped so low as to call my Aunt in Brockville to ask one of her doctor friends to give me a note for the Friday exam since I can't seem to get one here in Ottawa.

I feel like crawling back into bed and not waking up today, but everytime I fall back asleep I dream about getting my doctor's note then I wake up to cold hard reality.

Fuck, someone cheer me up - who has the best drunken St. Patty's day story?? I need it!


The world has gone fucking crazy

I went to 3 different health clinics today trying to get a doctor's note to get out of my exam this evening so I could work.

Every single place I went to they wouldn't give me a note because they "couldn't find anything wrong you..."

But what they DID give me was a fucking prescription for anti biotics and pain killers.

....so you don't think I'm sick and you won't give me a doctor's note but you WILL give me fucking drugs even though there's nothing wrong with me....

How fucked is that???


Worst fucking day of my life and it's only noon

I just spent the past 20 mins sitting in the middle of my bathroom being an absolute drama queen and crying my fucking eyes out for a million different reasons.

Usually I am pretty good at dealing with stress, when one shitty thing happens, or even two, I suck it up - bitch about it here and move on with life.

Today it's been an accumulation of about 10 different things that have stressed me to the point where I can't even function so the only "reasonable" thing to do is cry on my tattered blue bathroom mat. I supposed crying is better than banging my head continuously against a wall until I pass out, a concusion would only be reason number 11 why I feel like I'm falling off the deep end.

For one, I've got a million fucking things due in a minimal time span. I have 4 different major assignments due, an oral presentation to work on and an exam to write. I have less than two weeks to do this and I'm fucking working ridiculous hours even though I TOLD my boss I could not work them! But apparently that doesn't fucking matter because school is nothing compared to sitting on my ass for 10 hours on a Sunday at work where it will be completely dead and an absolute waste of my fucking time.

Of course nobody can take that shift for me even though I've done the same for them a million times....and when I say "can't" take the shift, I mean "won't"

Last night I got about 2 hours of sleep because I was up working on a law paper and I was so stressed out all I could do was lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. Then when I finally fell asleep at around 5:30 ish my alarm clock went off at 7am and off I went to school.

I looked around my apartment frantically for my notebook that contained all my fourth year Federal Offenders class notes only to find out that it is missing. I have torn this fucking apartment apart and it is no where to be found. This - SUCKS. This notebook contains all of my notes from the past 8 weeks and I'll never be able to catch up at this rate before the exam. I have no fucking idea where it could possibly be so I'm basically fucked.

The only good that came out of today was the 85% I got on my 40 page research proposal that took me about 2 months to write and research. I was very satisfied with my mark.

To make matters worse I'm suffering from some severe acid reflux that decided to erupt in the middle of my lecture this morning so I had to sit uncomfortably in a hard plastic seat for 2 hours holding back tears of pain and clutching my stomach. I seriously thought I was dying. I haven't had a bought this bad in a long time and I couldn't find my medication anywhere and these Tylenol aren't doing shit.

To top everything off, the fucking icing on the stale cupcake of my life I am supposed to be writing an exam this Friday from 8 pm - 10 pm. As you avid drinkers would know this Friday is actually St. Patty's day so if I wrote that exam I would be missing out on about $500-600 in tips that night. Therefore I am skipping the exam and getting a doctor's note because the Professor is being highly unreasonable in NOT allowing me to write the exam earlier that day. I know that doesn't sound bad and she shouldn't have to re arrange her schedule to accomodate me but there are also about 2,000 students in the class and about 700 of these students have COLDPLAY tickets for that exact night which they purchased in fucking May of '05 and she STILL will not re-schedule the exam for that morning. That's fucking ridiculous.

So yes, I'm being a fucking drama queen and I don't give a fuck. I can't handle today, tomorrow, or the rest of the week so if you don't get a post from me in a while I've either locked myself in my bathroom or I've packed the animals and moved to Tennesse to become a professional "dude-rancher"


This is a beautiful man

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James Blunt, I don't care for the music but I care for the man.

I don't think I've ever actually seen a picture of him until now, he is damn damn hot. The fact that he is a musician I think makes him that more attractive to me. Everyone has their own sexual preferences, Men, Women, Sheep - mine happens to be Musicians.

I'll bore you with another post of the other men I lust for since I have nothing better to write about on a boring Tuesday. In no paticular order I'll let you get a taste of what Ashley typically goes for man-wise, it's quite the Chinese Combo plate.

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Some people's children

All right, ever since I've turned on the moderation option I've been bombarded with useless anonymous commentors and people apparently trying to prove something. "Oh, you don't go all moderation on me bitach! My opinion and slander is so important I'm going to keep commenting and showing you how you can't silence the idiotic majority!"

Fuck, right. Like I'm fucking crying myself to sleep because you have a hard on for making an ass out of yourselves.

I did get one comment today almost immediately after I made the post below which made me laugh. Honestly, do you people have a notification on so that when I make a new post you all run from your Dungeon's and Dragon's to try once again in vain to throw up some "original" "You're such a slut" comment? Listen Dark Wizard, if you're so overly concerned about my welfare and tits, I'll put up your comment here so you can get back to your miserable existence and hopefully you can get yourself off this time.

Say hi to mom for me.

"you're such a vacous bitch. All you do is talk about yourself and how horrible your life is, shut the fuck up and stop cryng, if you didnt post so many slutty pictures of yourself maybe people wouldnt treat you like a slut. i would have been giving those guys the high five if I was there. You act like a slut your going to be treated like a slut. don't pretend to be smart. you go to carleton, your blowjob ddint get you in the shitty acceptace level did"

Ok, now it's momma's turn to take over.

First of all, I never claimed to have a shitty existence. Yes, I bitch about certain aspects of my life and yes, my family/work/ school can drive me up the fucking wall. But let's be honest here, who doesn't hate their family/work/school every so often? If life was so easy nobody would have invented alcohol.

Secondly, I have never taken a naked picture of myself, I have never taken a picture of me posed underneath a group of naked men, nor have I ever taken a picture of me grabbing my naked *^%#%$#@ while sucking a massive cock . So if your idea of "slutty" is fully clothed, in front of a mirror with a camera then you need to move away from the Amish farm and into the real world sweetcheeks, you've obviously lived a sheltered life.

Thirdly, I bitch on my blog so I don't (a) Explode (b) Kill people. If I didn't have my blog to vent my anger and disgruntlements I'd seriously pull a Charles Whitman on the Texas Tower. Everyone has stress everyone deals with it a different way, I bitch about it here where people make a conscious decision as to whether or not they are going to read it. If you're already so aware of what a fucking "whiney bitch" I am why do you keep coming back? Do you think I'm suddenly going to find God and change my heathen ways? Or maybe you're just a sucker for punishment?

Finally, my "blowjob" didn't get me into Carleton on a scholarship, my 90% average did. And if you're going to insult someone based on their academic achievements ('achivements' being the operative word basement dweller) at least try, make a fucking effort to be grammatically correct and spell check. Always spellcheck if you're going to insult someone's intelligence. I could sit here and pick apart everyword you actually spelled wrong but that would be like teaching Helen Keller to read.

There, you got your comment up - maybe now you can sleep at night.


Fucking Northwest Airlines

Tonight I was planning on watching a movie, having a bottle of wine and crashing hard.

But no, of course not because that would make Ashley happy, but we can't have Ashley happy now can we?

No, instead we call Ashley at work at 4 pm 2 hours before she gets to go home and relax and tell her that her brother's flight to Florida has been cancelled so to save them from having to drive back up to Ottawa to get him to the airport for 4 am he is just going to stay at MY place and I will take him to the airport for 4 am and then I will get up and go to class for 9 hours tomorrow.

I fucking hate my family, I'm an ungrateful bitch I know.


Just another shitty post

It was an un-eventful evening last night so I don't have much to talk about.

So let's play a game

It's called "Whats the most embarassing thing on your iPod / Music Player?"

I was looking at my iTunes and I realized that I'm a fucking LOSER. I have the single most embarassing bands on my iPod it's so very sad.

Such as...

* Hedley (the band that's fronted by that kid who didn't win Canadian Idol, I <3 the CD)

* Meatloaf (Back into Hell, baby --- all the way back)

* Kelly Clarkson (someone should shoot me and put me out of my misery)

* The Carrie Underwood or whatever song, the one about Jesus and driving under the influence or something?

* A Limp Bizkit song (I refuse to say which one)

Top that kiddies.


And I feel like I'm a villain Jesus

I think its just absolutely incredible how men don't even TRY anymore.

I'm not even kidding, men have apparently abandoned all efforts to engage in a meaningful conversation and just go straight for the goods.

Last night at work I have never EVER heard such crass from men when they're trying to hit on girls. Not just me, EVERY girl in the bar last night was subject to such bullshit from this group of guys that came in for a birthday party.

At one point this guy didn't even bother asking, "Hey whats your name?" or "How are you doing tonight?" he went straight for the, "So - do you shave your entire %#$%&^@?" I was like, fucking excuse me????? I couldn't even react back to that, he must either be really fucking stupid or really fucking ballsy to ask something like that. I'm going to go with 'stupid'.

The rest of the girls I work with were also coming up to me and saying, "Holy shit, you'll never believe what this guy asked / said to me!" Some choice quotes from last night:

"Let's skip names and get straight to the sex"
"I bet I could make you cum 5 times in one night"
"I have a huge cock, if you want I can show you...."

I don't know if we just got a "special" group in there last night or what but I seriously hope the rest of you men out there aren't that fucking ridiculous. None of us could even react properly we were just in absolute shock. I was pretty busy at the bar last night and even the other customers were like, "Holy fuck did he just say what I think he said???" It was seriously something out of a low budget porn film, all we needed was the pizza.

Anyways, it looks like I'm going to be in Montreal two weekends from now. The other bartender asked to switch shifts with me so I will be working her Wed night for my Saturday night(which is awesome since it's dart league night and the little geek that I have a huge crush on will be there and I'll be walking out with at least $300 that night). And I NEVER get Saturdays off anymore because of work so I'm fucking psyched. I told the girls I don't want to waste this oppurtunity on shitty Ottawa bars so we're renting a car for 3 days and getting a hotel room in Montreal for the weekend and getting absolutely fucked.

How messy is that going to be. Damn.

We'll be leaving early Saturday morning, coming home Monday afternoon sometime, whenever the hangovers subside.

The only thing is that we all haven't really been to Montreal before so

1) We don't know where we should stay
2) We don't know where we should party

So if anyone out there lives in Montreal and can offer us some suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. I know for a fact we're going to end up in some strip clubs since Montreal strippers are damn fucking hot and the other girls I'm going with have never experienced the Montreal strip club scene - so I'm going to corrupt them. Muahahaha.


Sugar we're going down SWINGING!

How the HELL did I not find out about this until now!?


Nothing like a little "retail therapy" to cheer one right up!

Like I said, I've come down with a pretty shitty cold and I've been a little stressed with school lately so last night I took the time to do a little shopping.

A little shopping at my favorite little online store.

Frederick's Of Hollywood

Oh yes, I can't fucking wait.

Mind you, I have no one to show it all off too but I girl can never have too much lingerie I always say.

....2-4 weeks until delivery....

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I'm a psychiatrists wet dream

Ever since I was a kid I've been absolutely terrified of needles.

I have no idea why, "It's not like getting a shot even hurts that much" everyone tells me. But it's not the "pain" that even bothers me. Just looking at needles, even having them in the same room as me, causes me to have a panic attack. I sob uncontrollably, hyperventilate and feel like I'm going to pass out.

Today in my abnormal psychology class we discussed "phobias" and "anxiety disorders". My prof mentioned that people often have at least one phobia caused by either a cognitive or behavioural malfunction. She started going on about how sometimes certain events in our lives cause us to become absolutely terrified of certain objects and places. For example being bitten by a dog when you were a kid may cause you to be scared of dogs as an adult, or having a bad experience in an airplane may cause you to be afraid of flying

So I called my mom today and asked her if anything traumatic happened to me as a child involving needles.

"Ashley I'm at work what do you want?"

"Did anything horrible happen to me when I was a kid with needles?"


"Yah, like Doctor needles. Ones they give you booster shots with"

"No, I don't think so.....why are you asking me this now?"

"I want to know why Im so scared of them"

"Because you're a freak. I did drop you on your head when you were a baby though by accident"

"Maybe that would explain my fear of heights...."

The class today was actually pretty crazy since the phobia thing applied to me as well as the part of the lecture where my prof talked about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Now, I never thought that I had OCD before, I knew that I had some funny quirks but I figured it was normal.

I know better now. I apparently suffer from "maladaptive obsessive compulsions"

Loosely translated: I'm a fucking mess.

When people have OCD they have certain obsessions (such as germs) and their compulsion is how they deal with them (like washing your hands 25 times a day) That sounds EXACTLY like me!

I have this thing with door locks. When I'm at home I get up and check to make sure my door is locked at least once every hour. I don't know why, I didn't even notice I did it until one night when my friend was over she asked me why I kept looking at my door or checking the lock. I just shrugged it off but I realized today that I do that ALL the time! ALL THE TIME! EVERY DAMN HOUR! I have to check the lock! (in fact I caught myself checking my lock while I wrote this post)

I also have a thing with germs, it's gotten better since I was a teen but I used to wash my hands so much to the point where they were cracked, bleeding, red, blotchy and there was skin missing. I don't do it so much anymore, but I do wash my hands a lot more than the average person.

When I get nervous, or I feel anxious I pick underneath my fingernails until they bleed. I keep picking and picking and I have no idea why. I'll usually take a pen or scissors or whatever is available and scrape underneath my nail sometimes up to an hour in one sitting Especially when I'm studying or I get nervous. I practically have no skin underneath my nails since I pick at them so much

Last but not least I hate mirrors at night time. I will not look into the bathroom mirror when I get up to go pee, and I cover all mirrors that surrond me with anything I can find before I go to sleep. I don't like having mirrors reflect anything when I sleep, it creeps me out.

I dont think there's enough medication in the discovered world that could make me "normal"


Benadryl should be an illegal street drug

Is it safe to drink an entire bottle of cough medicine in one day? I don't imagine it would be but I'm trying to beat the odds here.

It reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer makes that drink and the secret ingredient is Children's Cough Medicine and then Moe steals it. Man, I love the Simpsons.

Once again, Im currently fighting with Rogers only this time the cable company.

They sent me a warning telling me that they were going to cut off my cable and my internet if I didn't pay for the last two months of service. But what stupid fucking Rogers doesn't realize is that I am staring at my online payment history and they've been paid for a long time now.

So I don't know what fucking monkeys they have working for them there but someone isn't doing their damn job as per usual. I'm going to call tomorrow and raise Hell, Ashley style. I would have done so today but I could have very easily been talking to an alley cat and wouldn't know the difference considering how doped up I was.

But for now I'm going to bed and making this post short and crappy since I feel like ass.

Back to my cold, cold, empty, lonely bed. I think someone needs to come over and feed me some chicken noodle soup and read me Dr. Suess in bed.



It nearly killed me, but I finally finished it.

I finished this goddamn, fucking assignment that was the single most ridiculous peice of garbage I have ever encountered in my entire post secondary career.

I finished a retarded critical analysis of the movie "Crash" and how it protrays the police and the policed.

I also finished a bottle of Watermelon vodka in the meantime because I nearly tore off my own skin writing this fucking essay and I needed something to numb the pain of how obviously stupid this assignment actually was.

Now all I need is some ice, a martini shaker and a hot cabana boy with a tight ass to alleviate the physical inury this fucking paper inflicted upon me.

This would do just fucking nicely...

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Bored and Gorgeous

There is this band that I love but I haven't been able to find their CD anywhere. I think they only have 1 cd and it hasn't been released anywhere. So if you guys happen to be out one day at the music store and see a CD in I guess the punk/alternative section by a band called "CLEAVAGE" (a few of the songs include 'Future's Fire' , 'Riddled' and 'Bored and Gorgeous') can you pick it up and I'll totally pay for it, the S & H and you for your troubles.

That'd be killer, thanks.

After considering all the crap that is happening the past little while with the emails and comments I came to two conclusions about what to do

1) Not allow comments on my blog and remove my email address
2) Follow Kasia's advice, stop being retarded and just figure out how to update the security on my comment space

I think I'll go with option #2

As far as emails go, the best I can do is ignore them and delete them. As for those anonymous test-tube babies who think I'm in it for the attention - thanks for feeding it to me with your anonymous comments and proving further that my life is of obvious interest to mouth breathers such are yourselves. Way to stroke my ego, Chief.

Last night at work was interesting, I realized that for the most part drunk people either sicken me or entertain me. Some guy was there with a group of people doing shooters at the bar and he seemed like a really nice character, wasn't boisterous or rude and then he hands me this buisness card and tells me to consider it as he leaves.


This guy runs a fucking website that has little girls (well, not little but you know what I mean) posing nude, touching themselves, mouthing " I want you" for $2.95 a minute. Now, imagine me as a webgirl?

"You're a pervert! I'm not touching myself! Hey - you, yah you - log off and spend some time with your wife and kids! And YOU! You're 45 move out of your parent's basement Trekkie!"

Oh I could see that one going over well.

And no, I'm not giving you the name of the site either.

Then this guy that was married to my dad's cousin for like 20 years, I've known him since I was probably 3 years old came in and asked me out on a date. Thats fucking sick, sick SICK! I was like, dude - you used to push me on the tire swing and read me Dr.FuckingSuess! I find out my dad told him where I worked so I'm planning on going to Brockville and smacking him with a tire iron for being so retarded. I wish my family would stop telling people where I worked.

The people I think are the most disgusting are the couples that make out shoving their tongues down each other's throats, basically swallowing each other's faces. That I can do without seeing 15 times a night. Why can't people keep that shit at home?

Ugh, this was a crappy post I know but I'm tired and I have to get back to this assignment.


I was never cool, you thought I was a cowboy

Here I am, sitting at my desk with about a million and one little sticky-notes of quotes and lines from the movie "Crash" screaming to be used in this goddamn essay that is taking far too long. I don't know what it is about me and assignments, I always half ass them and regurgitate some bullshit references to make them look pretty and yet I still pull an 80%. Now can you imagine if I actually put some effort into school?

I think I'm starting to burn out. Its only my third year and already I want to fucking poke out my own eyeballs with rusty spoons. Mind you, going to work every Friday and Saturday just makes me want to graduate and get a real job even more, so I at least have that to inspire me to finish.

I don't know what it is, I'm tired of deadlines, I'm tired of scrambling to keep myself sane when I finish 1 assignment then have 4 more handed to me. I'm sick and tired of sitting up until 3 - 4 - 5 am staring at Word second guessing my grammar skills. "Does this make sense or am I just that fucking tired?"

It's easy to have goals, its just hard to reach them.

The worst part about school is when you have a million and one deadlines and only about 3 cans of tuna in your cupboard along with an expired carton of milk in your fridge. When you have a 20 page essay due you don't have time to do groceries. I don't know who came up with the whole, "Freshmen 15" bullshit, I think I've actually LOST weight from being in school.

Thank God I got clean clothes though. Finally did my laundry today.

Before I sign off from this little post, I'd like to address a problem that has been occuring as of late in the form of email. Lately I have been getting anywhere from 8 - 10 emails asking personal questions about things I don't feel are necessary to talk about.

If it's not on my blog, it's not up for discussion, it's as simple as that. Mainly these emails are asking me ridiculous questions about my past relationship with Rich or about a post about Matt made on a messageboard that I haven't been on in God know's how long and people have even been going so far as to ask me how many guys I've had sex with.

Seriously, if it doesn't stop I'm going to post these email addressses. I do not understand why someone would give a shit enough to even bother emailing me about such things. My life is not that interesting.



Concert pics....

I have no idea how to format them to fit them on my blog properly so you'll just have to deal with it. The concert was absolutely amazing, everything I hoped it would be (and a little more). Daniel Victor has such an amazing talent, he played and sang beautifully last night. Did I mention he's a total fucking babe as well? I'm sure I have at one point.

Anyways, the show started off with the ever so talented Marco DiFelice who actually helped compose "A Little Peice" (on of my personal favorites off the album) He was hilarious and was a perfect opening act. Daniel's set was amazing, the songs sounded so incredible and the tempo was slightly more upbeat than on the album but it fit perfectly with the show. I think I nearly wet myself when the played, "The Grace" since it's also one of my favorites. And a man that can play the guitar AND piano, my God....

After the show I waited for the hoardes of 13 year old groupy girls to remove themselves from Daniel and the rest of the band and spoke to them briefly (apparently I look like Naomi...?) Then we all went to Zaphod's to party afterwards. They are all just really awesome down to earth guys that love their Amaretto....I seriously had one of the best nights I've had in a LONG LONG LONG time. Considering what Hell the last week has been I defintely needed this.

So you guys totally need to check the band out, they are just amazing. I really think you would love the album and the live show is even better. Ps. Guys, congrats on the Number 1 spot in Toronto!

**I removed the pics but I will have them back up again as soon as I can figure out how to adjust them properly with my explorer**

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