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What's Bin Laden and Pantyhouse got in common?

*This blog is taken from the comment I posted on www.matthewgood.org You can find more information about the war on Iraq and the Protest Against Bush on this site.

For those of you living under a rock for the past few weeks, Bush will be visiting the fair city of Ottawa tomorrow afternoon. There has been several articles posted in newspapers province wide about the upcoming visit, so I thought I'd give my two cents for what its worth.

As a citizen of Ottawa, I know that the upcoming protest is going to be a major event. If I didn't have to work, I would be joining the protestors (although I do feel a slight cold coming on...cough cough) I genuinely hope that the protest is effective AND non violent. I am a firm believer that Canada has a strong reputation for it's peaceful residents and as such, we should uphold that reputation with the visit from Bush. Regardless of whether you absolutely despise the man, people need to keep in mind that in some cases words can be just as effective as actions. Although there are physical barriers separating the president from the lowly commoners individuals need to display their own self control.

Besides, if we give into a violent protest does that not make us all hypocrites?

I've been reading in the Citizen about the upcoming protest when I came across this,

"For most Ottawa residents, however, the Bush visit and the accompanying protests simply mean traffic and other logistical headaches. City officials are warning commuters to expect delays and shutdowns throughout the downtown core and its approaches."

I can't even begin to display my disgust with the people of Ottawa for being such fucking lazy whine asses. No doubt are these are the same people who were adamantly opposed to Bush being re - elected and were outraged with the outcome of the election. I guess the moral here is that we should protest as much as we can so long as it doesn't interfer with our Starbucks fix before work. I guess caffeine is more important than the rest of the world, go figure.

Its all in your mind...or mine

I went today for my 6 month check up to make sure Im a healthy weight, eating right, taking care of myself etc etc. The doctor told me to roll up my sleeve.

This is where all the funs begins

I've had problems getting needles since I was a kid. I am absolutely terrified of them to the point where I have to be held down because I go into hysterics. Im not just talking a little crying and pouting. Im talking full on "this chick is fucking losing her mind!" Its not so much the pain, because the pain is relatively miniscule. Its so bad that I can actually break down the process of me getting a needle.

1 - I get the shakes
2 - The nurse comes in and I start to tear up
3- They put the band on my arm and I start full on crying
4 - They rub my arm with the cotton swab - I shake violently and start crying quite loud
5 - They start to get the needle ready, I move my arm and start sobbing while holding myself
6 - They call in a nurse to hold me down
7 - They call in another nurse to hold me down because that other one cant manage on her own
8 - I start screaming crying, I can't breathe, they tell me to calm down numerous times
9 - I try jerking my arm away
10 - Finally they hold me down and give me the needle

When all is said and done, I calm down - roll down my sleeve, get up, wish them a good day and I'm fine.

I have no idea whats wrong with me. I have many tattoos and peircings and they've never phased me. I can't even look at needles because they are so thin and pointy. Just the sight of a needle makes me upset. I think I'm so scared of them because to me its the equivalent of being stabbed. Its an intrusion on my person that I do not want (though I have to have it) You would think that having it done every 6 months one would eventually become immune to it

Not so

Im a 21 year old baby.

I'm a 21 year old cougar

And goddamn it feels so wrong.

Today I went to the movies with a friend of mine. As we were waiting in line for our tickets some kid with his pants nearly past his ass and a lop sided ball cap came up to me. I was hoping that by ignoring his presence he'd go away. Was I wrong. After the kid approached me he said, "Hey baby, you look so fine tonight. You gonna watch a movie?" Oh shit, movie? I thought this was a Turkish bathhouse! Boy, is my face red better go return my loofa.

I responded back with a simple yes and went back to my previous conversation with the girl I was with. Instead of taking the hint he proceeded to talk more. "Its just you girls tonight? Where your men at? Why don't you come wit us, we can all chill and shit in the movies." I'd rather eat paint chips thanks.

Finally after about 5 mins of trying to get this kid away from us, (I even told him we were going to go see some sappy girly flick) I asked him, "How old are you anyways kid? What am I looking at here? 3 - 5?" He didn't get it. I didn't explain it.

Eventually he lost interest and left. This started a conversation with my friend that I had a few days prior with someone else. Its so easy for guys these days to be slapped up with statutory rape charges. Seriously though. These little prostitots that I see walking around these days, its insane. Its no wonder that more and more of them are becoming knocked up and we see them pushing baby carts at 14.

But in bars its so easy for them to get it. You have a 14-15 year old (and I've seen it happen) walk up to the bouncer, flash a smile, some tit and a fake ID and BOOM they're on the inside causing a whole world of trouble. All it takes is some skin tight pants and a stuffed bra and they're solid. Once they're in there, they're basically open game. Some dude takes one of them home, fucks their brains out and is being escorted out of his apartment the next day by the police while the public calls him a pervert. Thats BULLSHIT. This guy is led to believe that this chick is of age because she has been let into the bar. When the lights are low and you have a few shots of JD in you a painted up 14 year old can easily look of age. Not to mention she'd have to be to get in anyways, right?


In these cases they should charge the dumbass bouncer for being too concerned with looking at the thong hanging out the back of her jeans than checking her ID properly. The way I see it is that he failed to perform his job and as a result, some dude is going to be charged for it. Not only is this guy getting charged but he'll have a criminal record that'll haunt him for life AND be registered as a sex offender. That doesn't look so hot on a resume. I think its ridiculous for some guy to be fucked for the rest of his life cause he thought with his dick and the bouncer didn't do his job. Thats all I have to say to that



Something I've been thinking about as of late

My parents always joked with me saying that I was singing before I could speak. I've always enjoyed singing and when I lived back at home I was paid to sing at a local bar for Sunday karaoke just to get people in there. My entire family has always been musically inclined. My dad built a recording studio in his basement for his band (he plays lead guitar and is the lead singer) and mom's a groupy. (Thank god she doesn't read this) Not surprisngly, I've always been attracted to guys who can play guitar or who are also musically inclined. Guitars = sexy.

The only time I have been able to perform minus my karaoke stints was in high school. Being the social misfit that I was I found that musical theatre was my saviour from all the assholes who'd make me come home crying. Music has always been an outlet of sorts for me. If I've had a bad day I come home, blast something that matches the mood I am in and calm myself down.

Now that Im all growed up, living on my own,working and going to school both full time I haven't the time for it. Its sad really. Once in a while I'll drag my friends to some karaoke bar, or my mom shows me off at karaoke bars in Florida. I've written many songs in my spare time, unfortunately I am unable to put music to them since I can't play any instrument to save me.

Luckily the other day a friend of mine who recently moved back to town plays guitar (and quite well I may add) and he has volunteered to give me lessons. I have an acoustic guitar hidden away in my storage closet that I have been dying to dig out for the longest time. I'm a little anxious since I am one of those people who, if I can't learn something within a week I give up easily. I'm praying that this wont be the case for me. It's going to be difficult finding the time to practice and such so I'll just have to cut down on the sleeping.

Sleep is the cousin of death anyways.

I'm not out to make a record deal or anything of the sorts, I've just always been jealous of those who can play guitar and put music to their words. Now I'm finally doing something about it.

Wish me luck.



Do you think I ENJOY kissing your ass for $6.20 and hour only to have you flip me a fucking toonie on an $80 tab? No. Id rather give you back the two bucks as payment for kissing MY ass.

And you fuckers, you know who you are, that take up 4 of my tables to sip water and share a fucking slice of cheesecake really aren't that much better.

This is the deal.

Listen up, take notes and fucking educate yourself on what people like you do to servers like me and why you are all the poster children for Euthanasia.

I service you. And I dont mean service like the busstop on Dalhousie service you either. You come and sit at my tables. I come and greet you with a cheery smile and a fucking bounce in my step. I ask you how you are, you respond in kind and I ask for a drink order. Your pints are delivered in amazing time and Im always sure to have them refilled when they get low. You do a few shots of Jager and we joke about Bush coming to visit. I talk about school, how Im working full time while going to school just so I can afford rent and tuition. You tell me how hard it must be and that you respect that.


After you ask for your tab, (which comes out to roughly $78) you hand me $80. Then you say, "Keep the change" Excuse me? $2 on $80? Who the fuck are you, Sven Robinson? You may as well pocket the toonie with your $50,000 ring you bastard because it's of no use to me. These days a toonie wont even purchase me a goddamn latte let alone give me heat or hot water.

So even after you find out that tuition prices are sky rocketting and you express your deepest regret for such a deplorable thing you still have the gnads to push a toonie in my direction. Well, guess where you can push that toonie the next time? You got it. You can keep that as a tip for the doc at your next colon check.


As for you assholes who take up 4 of my 8 tables and all order water and split a cheesecake 4 ways listen up: Im not the fucking Mission. If you want that kind of service I'd be more than happy to direct you to the Sally Ann because that shit dont fly well here. I need those tables for real drinkin' folk who actually want to give more than a quarter on a 4 dollar bill. You want to drink water? Theres a whole fucking canal in my backyard, go nuts.

If you can't get this through your simple little minds I suggest drowning yourself, I hear it cures idiocy.

Please. Fucking. Shoot. Me.


Stupid Human Tricks

I've been watching a bit more TV lately (this is a rare occurance as I never watch TV) and I couldnt help but notice that every second channel was some sort of reality show. I decided to break down the list of "Reality TV" shows and give my personal critique of what I saw. Im that bored.

The first show I saw was called, "The Biggest Loser" where they basically take a group of obese individuals who compete against each other to lose the most weight. You'd think being that big you wouldn't need a fucking TV program as reason to want to lose weight. "I thought I would be big for the rest of my life, I had nothing going for me until some producer came up to me and said, 'Hey - you're a lazy fat fuck want to come on my show and look like an idiot in front of millions of viewers for thier entertainment? You're going to look like a complete moron but you'll lose a couple of pounds in the process'" Suddenly the idea of losing weight has hit them like the Big Mac's they've been stuffing in thier faces because some asshole wants to parade them on Television.

I give the show an 8/10 just for the sheer fact that its hilarious that these people are being publically humilated and they agreed to it. This show makes the Special Olympics look like a fucking Mensa commercial.

A bunch of middle age men dress up as women and try to live their lives as a female. Apparently chicks have turned into some pseudo species who live completely different lives than men and it's a challenge. Excuse me? Did I hear this right? The only thing that is really difficult about being a chick is wearing an uncomfortable bra and having the monthlies. Since these dudes aren't crippled with menstral pain while shoving chocolate in thier faces and parading in high heels and mini skirts they aren't exactly getting the whole "woman experience" Any idiot can dress like a girl and learn to carry a Channel bag. Hell, I see about 5 of them everyday on my way to school. If this show was supposed to be as close to reality as possible each of the guys should be rated on how well they sustain the pain of a brazillian wax and wear a thong everyday.

I rate this show a 4/10. Nelly McClung would be rolling in her grave if it had cable access. The female experience tends to stretch a lot further than a set of high heels. If they pushed a watermelon through thier dicks maybe Id rate it higher.

I guess the whole idea of this show is to take 24 extremely ugly chicks and throw some cosmetic surgery on them basically transforming thier entire look in exchange for some self esteem. Well, isn't this show peachy. Lets take a group of WOMEN (women being the operative word here) tell them that they're ugly and we can make them beautiful according to society's standards. All right, let me just say this. The majority of the girls on there, minus the ones with the fucked up trailer park teeth are fine just how they are. Give me a push up bra, some make up and hair products that dont come as a 2 in 1 and I can make any of those chicks look good. The only benefit I can see of that show is that the boyfriends and husbands get a set of fake tits to play with now. After they eliminate the less prettier ones (The irony of which must be lost on the producers) they hold a pagent and crown the prettiest "Swan" so that the ones who didn't win go back in to thier deep "I'm not pretty" depression until next season when they can get a different face.

I rate this show a -24/10. The -24 is for all the 24 dumb bitches who agree to signing up for this show. I expect to see Michael Jackson on the third season.

Oh wait, thats not reality TV....

The basic outline of this show is for someone to have the oppurtunity of their lives. That being the chance to kiss the ass of one of the richest men in North America, Donald Trump. Sounds appealing doesn't it? I mean I know I'd want to have my lips permanetly sewn on that man's 60 year old ass. They compete against others for the job, much like your standard job competition in the real world only this one is filled with racist bitches and metro sexual men in suits. The phrase "You're fired!" has now been coined in 12 different languages in shirts across the country as though its never been said before. Its amazing what you can market these days.

I rate this show a 7/10. The guys are usually pretty good looking, the chicks have the best cat fights ever (and this season they posed for Maxim) but I have to remove -7 for Trump's awful hair. For a man with billions you think he could afford a decent haircut.

This show has been on the air since the beginning of reality tv time. I actually think this is the first reality TV show to hit the boob tube. The basic idea for those of you who have been living in a cave with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears for the past 5 years is to put a group of controversial individuals on a island and supply them with nothing. They compete with each other for "immunity" and basic goods such as food, water, building supplies and cooking supplies. When a member pisses them off or doesn't pull their own weight they get voted off. The last one remaining on the island wins a million dollars. The greatest part about this show is the people they choose to put on the island. They throw on some hot chicks, hot guys, the token gay guy, the ex marine/soldier/naval commander and the geek. Everyone fucks around with everyone, hearts get broken, people set themselves on fire and the gay man walks around naked flashing his dick in everyones face. Overall, its pretty amusing.

I rate this show a 9/10 just for the gay naked man.

Re: Survivor. Only take away the island and put them in a house filled with cameras.

I rate this show a 0/10 as its a blatant rip off and there's not nearly enough gay man nudity.

This show has to be the single greatest and most pathetic one out there. One guy, 12 "lucky" ladies competing for his heart and hefty pocketbook. The lucky man gets to bang 12 chicks, picks the best lay and they all live happily ever until the camera's off and she walks with half his cash. If they really want it to be "reality tv" they need to make the next one, "The Broke Ass Pizza Delivery Man"

I rate this show an 8/10 because the cat fights between the girls, all the gossip, the back stabbing and how absolutely whorish some of them are can make for an amusing show.

* * * *

That said, they need to do a reality TV show on me. That way I can honestly say my favorite line, "Im not a bad girl - I just play one in real life". Where do I sign up?

Guess what list Santa has me on...

One of these days Im going to marry a rich old man and knock him off on our wedding day by smothering him with my tits. I figure this get rich quick scheme would work and no one would be the wiser. "I swear officer, we were just making love and his heart stopped". Who wouldn't believe it? I could place an ad in my local newspaper:

Petit 21 year old blond tart seeks wealthy older man to pamper her and satisfying her animalistic lust. Must like dogs and have a hefty life insurance policy. Apply in person.

With the money I could afford myself a comfy mansion in Beverely Hills next to the 90210 40 year old teenagers. Id be surronded by man servents in gold threaded banana hammocks and keep them as my sexual resources. I've always wanted to know what it felt like to have my ass touch a gold plated toilet seat. It must be glorious. I'll have to get this ad out soon since Im really not get any younger. I think 21 sounds appealing, but 22 just sounds too old. You can almost have a taste of jailbait with 21 when youre in a rocker.

My mansion would afford me luxuries I never thought I would have
For example:

1. A midget water fountain in the foyer. The water passes through the midget's penis and changes colors. I think adding music may be a little over the top.

2. One of those fridges with a TV built right into them. May as well go all the way with the North American dream. The genius who incorperated North American's two favorite pastimes: Eating and watching TV is probably rolling in the dough. Perhaps he could be the lucky man in my plan.

3. Monkey butlers in tuxedos. We can't possibly forget them.

4. Fabio in my fridge so that everytime I go for margarine I can have him spread it for me and remark, "I Can't Believe It's not Butter" in his sexy accent.

5. My own animal sancutary that offers free elephant rides to less fortunate children. It can be my personal contribution to the world.

I wouldnt be one of those Jag driving billionaire's either. Id like something modest, something not so in your face. A limo would be best suited for myself driven by one of the monkey butlers. Only I guess he'd be a monkey chauffer. I wouldn't even have to be a strech limo, Im humble like that.

Hopefully Santa will see that I've been a good girl and deliver me an old rich man for Christmas.



A Couple More

Midnight Cowboy
Midnight cowboy on his high horse
The 10 gallon hat an over compensation
Makin' up for his lost worth

His midnight rides
On the whore du nuit
With his 8 track camaro
Blasting Guns n Roses
While she smears her lipstick on the seats

The midnight cowboy
Beds em' and leaves em
Stranded on the sideline
As he moves on to the next

Cowboy Casanova
Laso'ed your heart
Whatcha got now
But a notch in his belt

Don't you wish you were smart
Don't you wish you were coy
Midnight Cowboy
Has made you his toy.

Impossible Me
Wake up in the night
You can't run away forever
But I'll give you a head start
Nobodys gonna hear you
Nobodys gonna give a shit
Whether you make it
Whether you prove it
Better quit while you're ahead

*thats all for now. I'll post more later. (and if anyone knows how I can archive my poems into a separate section on my blog PLEASE let me know)


Random Nothings I've Written

These are just some random nothings I've written over the past couple of years. I found them while cleaning out my hard drive this morning. Each of them has some significance behind them, I'm emo like that.

Take You Over
Hold it up to the sky
Let the world know you got it
If its yours better show it
Or else let it by

You got an ego
High enough to fly a kite
An overplayed existence
Self gratification for the mind

Its no fucking wonder
That this worlds got you confused
When you can do no wrong
And yet its all the same

It's all the same to you
And nothing's gonna change it
It's all the same to you
You'd better just accept it
It's all the same to you
And its getting you high
Its all the same to you
Watch as it takes you over.

My girl she cuts me like a knife
Digging deep into me with her candy apple nails
Shes got me now, and she ain't letting go
Shes got me now, and she can't hear no

My girl she wants me in her bed
Tied to the posts with a mask over my eyes
She wont let me watch, but she'll make me scream
She wont let me watch, but she'll lick off the cream

My girl she doesn't want to share
Someone to hold the camera as she flashes her smile
She's a vixen in the bed
And a hole in my head

But my girl's the whore I've always wanted.

Last Rites for a Coward
Hide behind your toothy grin
And pretend to be something you are not
Pull the mask down over your face
Because your eyes show the truth
Do it for the sake of showing,
That you're less than what you claim

When you die they'll give you a tombstone
And no ones gonna give a fuck
I hope they spell your name wrong
'Cause I'm gonna spit on your grave
You'll have an eternity to think,
About all the shit you put me through
And maybe then you'll realize,
You're never going to be anything.

Last rites for a coward
Last rites for your shame
Last rites for your pride
Last rites for your apathy

Its gonna take me all night.

Money for nothing and chicks for free

In reponse to the latest comment on my last blog, I usually do have something amusing posted on my journals and such, but lately I have been in a less than amusing mood due to the idiocy and drunkeness of Grey Cup Weekend. (of which I worked 40 straight hours in 3 days with little sleep) When people are drunk and having fun and while Im sober and working, I tend to get a little cranky.

That and the pick up lines.

Dear god. The past weekend I felt like my head was in a vice.

Ive been so run down lately I went to the doctors to see what I could do to regain my health and sanity. He gave me a ton of herbal remedies, half of which I cant even pronounce.

I ended up frantically calling him immediately after taking the vitamins as my urine changed to a bright yellow. Thinking I was dying he informed me that it was my body simply expelling the extra vitamins. I was expecting to lose a limb or something, Im a drama queen like that. I have a tendancy of being a hypochondriac. Better to be safe then sorry, one of these times Im going to get it right.

* * *

For some strange reason I have been listening to Meatloaf non stop while drinking 8$ lattes from Starbucks. I think this is the beginning of a vicious cycle. Soon I'm going to be singing show tunes while pruning small poodles. The caffeine is keeping me on a pseudo high while I work and go to school seeing as how my ass apparently got me the good upstairs shifts. Its always nice to know that with tits and ass I can move my way up in the world.

I would have been willing to settle with a quick blow job.

That said, I should probably get some sleep as I do have to be up in 5 hours.

'Night kiddies.



Humans vs. Animals First Round! *ding*

I did have an essay of mine posted here, however it was taking up too much room and I knew no one would give a shit anyways. The scrolling was starting to piss me off everytime I came onto my blog so... if you really want it, you can ask me for it.


This cat was set on fire and left to die. The humane shelter had to put it down to end its suffering. Posted by Hello

This dog was left to die alone from malnutrion and neglect in its own feces. Posted by Hello

This dog was abused so badly half of its skull was removed leaving portions of its brain exposed to dust, bugs and other outdoor elements. Posted by Hello

The owner of this dog slashed its face with a kitchen knife and broke its two hind legs. The dog survived the excruciating medical treatment and has since been adopted. No charges were laid against the owner. Posted by Hello

Lend a voice to those who need it

Are you ok with the above pictures?

Or do you need to see more?


Please, feel free and see if you can still turn away from it.

If you can't, then take the time to read the following site.


For the past 4 years legislation to have the current "animal rights" laws changed have gone virtually unnoticed. Although Parliment has voted unanimously to have these laws changed, the Senate puts the Bills on the back burner and the laws remain untouched. We have had the same animal rights legislations since 1892. For those of you who can't count, thats over a hundred years. The Charter of Rights was drafted more recently than the animal rights legislation.

Under the current code animals are viewed as "property". Property isn't seen as having thoughts or feelings and property is incapable of suffering. Any reasonable human being should realize that animals are more than just property. They can feel pain like the rest of us. They are unable to defend themselves from unspeakable acts of cruelty yet we just let it slide under the Legal Rug and pretend it isnt happening. These animals do not asked to be abused or tortured and they certainly can't raise a hand against it.

They can't say "no" to animal cruelty but you can.

Take five minutes out of your time to contact the current Justice Minister Irwin Cotler by either Email: cotler.i@parl.gc.ca
Address: Wellington St, Ottawa ON, K1A 0A6

Let him know that this has to stop and harsher punishments for the mistreatment of animals MUST be imposed. A newspaper on the nose may teach a dog not to piss on the rug, but it can't teach a man that animal abuse is wrong.

It takes five minutes of your time to possibly make a difference, can you spare it?

Because to these animals that five minutes can be the fine line between life and death.


I have found a listing of all the humane shelters in each province. There's no excuse to not look, I've done the work for you.



Needed: One Penis and two testicles. Preferrably sold as a set.

Its amazing how little we've gained from the woman's movement with Nelly McClung and the rest of the gang. Before you think it, this isn't some feminist rant where I'm going to bitch about men and how they hold women back etc.

Of course, if you're one of those people who believe that any women who disagrees with men treating them like social outcasts and property are unshaven hippy cunts I wouldn't suggest reading any further.

Oh, and be sure to ask the slave boy to put the butter churn back in the barn when he's done with it

Today they were holding a criminology job fair at my University. This was a great oppurtunity for me to talk to people in the legal field and the criminal justice system. Hoping to gain some insight into my future job, I was met with complete and utter ignorance from the male OPP officers at thier designated booth.

After standing at the booth for a considerable amount of time, both officers acknowledged my presence with , "When the fuck is she going to leave?" glances. They ignored me and spoke to whatever males happened to be around me at the time. This continued for about 20 mins before I finally said to the kind officers,

"You know, I may not have a penis but give me a couple grand and I could get one for you. Maybe then will you talk to me?"

Of course, they pretended as though they didn't see me there after I embarrassed them in front of the people near the booth. You would think with all thier training in detecting deception and such they could come up with a more believable excuse for ignoring me. Instead, they pulled that out of their asses and expected me to buy into it. Not likely.

I guess the notion of the "good ol' boys" system still runs strong these days. Hopefully I can pick up a pair of testicles for cheap.



Rejoiner to my Previous Blog

If you would like more information on the Ottawa Humane Society please visit:


The website has any information you need on adoptions (you can actually view profiles of animals that are up for adoption) or how you can help. Think of it this way, $30/month is a dollar per day. Thats less than what you spending a week at MacDonalds. 100% of the donations made goes towards feeding, sheltering, medical attention and keeping the animals off the streets.

These animals didn't ask to be abandoned or abused. They desperately need loving homes and people to take care of them. Take five minutes out of your day to see for yourself.
If you are not in the Ottawa area, you can always go to your local
humane shelter and ask how you can help. There are several internet sites you can visit for more information on adopting animals and how you can donate to the shelter in your area.

The following websites are also very informative. If you have the time, please check them out.




Animals can not speak for themselves, they need a voice to do it for them.


Just a bump in the road

I just recieved a picture of a kitten im sponsoring via my monthly donation to the Humane Society. His name is Mr. Winkles (hell, I didnt name him) and he is 8 months old. He has an all black body with a white speckled face and is quite adorable. Id take him home with me if my roomate wasnt deathly allergic to cats.

I did my laundry today.

I will be going to work in about 2 hrs.

Overall, today has been mighty un productive.

The picture of my sponsered kitty makes me want to go out and do something even more worthwhile with my time.

But I'll most likely end up back at my house after work eating kraft dinner and channel surfing. Via la North American dream!


Testing the waters

This will be my first blog...wish me luck.

Today was any average day.

Basically I woke up (4 times) and finally hauled my ass into the shower and went to work.

On my way to work I saw several homeless people sitting on the sidewalks, begging for change - sometimes pennies - from people passing by. Its funny, Ive noticed them before but have never "noticed them". Inside my work I hoped to sheild myself from the human misery outside the door. Instead I was met with large picture windows staring at the cold figures shivering in the streets.

I wanted to cry.

I couldnt help but feel guilty and disgusted at the same time for delivering food to people in front of the picture windows. As I watched them eat in the distance an old man begged for change. I can't even describe in words how difficult and strange it was to watch such an event. Eventually I tried to avoid the picture window as much as possible. Shifting my head to the side as I took orders and walked by. I could physically block the old man from my view, but I could not block him from my mind. I wanted to pull down the blinds, to shut the figure out like so many of us do everyday. We put these metaphorical blinds in front of our eyes that act like filters. They show us what we want to see and what will keep us happy.

I guess its true, ignorance is bliss.

And we're the happiest of the bunch.

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